The Cheapest Options For Long Distance Moving

Moving long distance can be a nightmare. It is something that no one would want, but there are times when you just can’t escape it. Moving long distance can often be quite expensive. There are ways you can ensure you pay less to move all the way to your new destination.

image of moving company at work

Sell Your Items

If you have any items that are too big and can be replaced, then it is advisable to sell them and buy others at the new place. This will give you a chance to transport fewer goods which in turn means less items to be carried. You can then move the remaining things in your car.

Hire A U-Haul

You can look for companies that hire u-hauls at a reduced price. Put the rest of your things that do not fit in your car inside the u-haul then attach it to your car and be on your way. It will save you a lot since you won’t be paying the extra rental truck money.

Get A Train Or Bus

Most trains and buses have a bigger limit for the maximum capacity weight of goods per person. Take advantage of this and move your things using these two ways. The best part is that you can hire a porter to carry the items from the train or bus station to your apartment. The only disadvantage is that you will have to sell the large items that you own.

Cheap Rental Truck

If you want to save costs while moving then rent a cheap moving truck and pack the things yourself or have friends and family assist. This will save you from paying for boxes as well as the driver and packing guys.

You can also opt to pack for yourself and only pay for a driver.